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Joburg Tourism Unites with Partners to Support the Vibrant Makhelwane Festival in Soweto [16 – 18 February 2024]

16 February 2024

Joburg Tourism is excited to announce its collaboration with private and public sector partners to champion the much-anticipated Makhelwane Festival, returning for its 9th year from 16 -18 February 2024, at Poka Street, Orlando West, Soweto.

Celebrating the cultural richness and community spirit of Soweto, the Makhelwane Festival offers a diverse programme, featuring a music festival, movie screenings, business talks, food carnival, street dining, arts and crafts, a bubbly garden, and kiddies' entertainment. Thandubuhle Mgudlwa, CEO of the Joburg Tourism Company (JTC), emphasises the significance of this signature event in connecting with Soweto communities.

JTC's involvement goes beyond sponsorship, with a commitment to fostering economic growth and social cohesion. The initiative includes providing market access and business linkages to 30 local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) for the weekend market. Additionally, the festival serves as a platform for job creation, engaging unemployed youth in various roles from set-up to breakdown.

"This event not only contributes to social cohesion and economic growth but also showcases Soweto's rich heritage, struggle history, and world-renowned tourist attractions," says Mgudlwa. Makhelwane Festival organizer, Kgosi Rampa, shares the sentiment behind the festival, explaining that "Makhelwane" goes beyond being a neighbour; it embodies a sense of community. The festival aims to reconnect and re-ignite the community through the neighbourhood culture of "Bo Makhe" while promoting local small and medium enterprises.

Poka Street, Orlando West, transforms into a vibrant hub where houses become restaurants, galleries and boutiques. The festival promises the best township experience, featuring live music, comedy, movie screenings and more. Rampa adds, "This special festival is set to feature the best township experience, food, music and a market in a family-friendly environment with kiddies' entertainment, virtual reality, storytelling, movie screenings and bike tours."

Line up for:

Saturday, 17th February 2024
Sunday, 18th February 2024

To be part of this immersive celebration, book your tickets at

About Makhelwane Festival:

The Makhelwane Festival, now in its 9th year, draws inspiration from the age-old tradition of Ubuntu/Batho, embodying the spirit of communal unity and shared experiences. More than just an event, it revives the historic culture and lifestyle of townships, fostering a sense of community through the exchange of food, gifts and laughter.

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