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  Maboneng Township Arts Experience
The Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a non-profit destination development initiative with community sustainability and development at its core. Its founder, Siphiwe Ngwenya, is one of many artists in South Africa who has faced numerous challenges in exhibiting his work and getting a foot into South Africa’s art industry. It’s Siphiwe’s own challenges that would eventually lead him towards looking at a creative way of transforming South Africa’s contemporary art scene, and also empowering women and youth in some of South Africa’s biggest and most impoverished townships.

+27 68 023 5048

  Ponte City Apartments Dlala Nje Tours
Dlala Nje was founded in October 2012 and, in a nutshell, aims to challenge perceptions and to create opportunities . They do this through running inner-city immersions and experiences in some of the city’s most misunderstood areas . These immersions and walks have allowed them to build and run a community center aimed at providing a safe learning environment for children and youth .
1 Lily Ave, Berea, Johannesburg, 2198
+27 72 397 2269

  The Hub Presents
?In the heart of Alexandra (East Bank), the oldest township in South Africa, is where The Hub Presents is situated. This is where all the magic happens in showcasing South Africa's cultural variety and ekasi feeling while keeping it modern and vibrant. From here you can explore this extraordinary townships' past, present and future by visiting a Traditional African Healer (she will surprise you with her modern thinking), getting an insider look at residential homes (who showcase the craftsmanship of local artists), learn more about the graffiti route and listen to magical story telling.

+27 71 433 4564

  Soweto Outdoor Adventures
Soweto Outdoor Adventures is passionate about Soweto and about bringing adventure activities, not traditionally expected in a once-township, to this thriving community. They work closely with the local community in all activities and ensure that the benefits from outside investment flow freely into the community which supports them.

+27 72 692 8159

  Credo Mutwa Village and Oppenheimer Tower
Credo Mutwa Cultural Village, is located inside Jabavu Central's Oppenheimer Park and is a unique representation of African mythology. Built in the 1970s by the traditional healer and sculptor Credo Mutwa, most tours are guided by a passionate and informative site guide, who will happily explain the complex meanings behind Mutwa's mystical and prophetic sculptures.

+27 60 480 4109

  Alexandra Heritage Centre
The Alexandra Heritage Precinct is found on a quiet street where the great man spent his first few months after moving from his homestead in the Eastern Cape. It was also the first of a number of recognised heritage sites in Johannesburg, attracting visitors from not only the nearby city but from abroad as well. Other sites include St Hubert Catholic Church a bit further up the road and Joe’s Butchery, one of the oldest shisa nyamas (a Zulu phrase that literally means to “burn meat”) where friends and family come together to grill meat in an open fire, usually near a butchery.
4694 Hofmeyr St, Alexandra, 2014

  Ferreira Mine Stope
In the basement of the Standard Bank headquarters in downtown Joburg, is Ferreira's mine stope, one of the very first gold prospecting sites in the city. The long forgotten mine entrance was discovered in the 1980s during the construction of the Standard Bank building and it has since been preserved as a small museum. The stope is named for Ignatius Phillip Ferreira, a farmer, soldier and later a gold prospector, who also has a city district, Ferreirasdorp, named after him. A small exhibition illustrated by photographs and old maps details how the very first prospectors, including Ferreira, operated and there are also various pieces of old-fashioned mining equipment such as gas lamps and pickaxes.

+27 11 636 5235

   Satyagraha House
Satyagraha House, commonly known as Gandhi House, is a museum and guest house located in Johannesburg. The house belonged to Mahatma Gandhi: he lived and worked there between 1908 and 1909. It is registered as part of Johannesburg's historical heritage. Satyagraha means insistence on truth

+27 11 485 5928

  The Marabi Club
The Marabi Club is the home of superb food and drink accompanied by fine live jazz performances. In the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of the Doornfontein slumyards, created in the wake of one of the world’s richest gold rushes, gave rise to an urban culture known as ‘marabi’. As the foundation of this new culture, the music was energetic and improvisational. It was a lifestyle prompted by the need to escape the hardships of the working week – defined by illegal shebeens, where the fierce talk of politics was accompanied by the equally disruptive soundtrack of jazz.

+27 10 591 2879

  27 Boxes Melville
Melville - 27 BOXES is a cutting-edge lifestyle centre based in the heart of Melville, Johannesburg. This is a destination with a difference offering unique social spaces, interesting retail and contemporary eateries housed in over 100 shipping containers. Fun for the whole family!

+27 11 712 0000

  Victoria Yards
Victoria Yards is more than just a commercial enterprise, it's a vibrant community of thriving tenants. By creating an eco-system that fosters connection and collaboration, we offer a one-of-a-kind urban complex that prioritizes both social development and business growth.

+27 (0) 10 594 5210/072 520 7432

  Soweto Equestrian Centre
The Soweto Equestrian Centre is a sports centre in Moroka, Soweto, founded by Enos Mafokate, the first black South African show jumping champion. In 2006, the Soweto Equestrian Centre opened its doors with the aim to give disadvantaged children in the community the opportunity to participate in as well as compete in elite horse riding events that include vaulting and show jumping.

+27 83 244 9994

  Past Experiences
Past Experiences, the first established company to offer full-time walking tours in Johannesburg, is a small female-owned walking tour company that puts an equal emphasis on street art, history, and city regeneration. Headed by Jo Buitendach, the company was voted one of the Guardian Newspaper’s '10 of the World’s Best Tour Guides' in 2015. Since its beginning in 2009, Past Experiences has taken more than 15 000 visitors through Johannesburg and Soweto. Tours are customized to each visitor, encouraging them to submit their interests and bucket list items beforehand, making each tour different to the one before it.

+27 83 701 3046

  Lindfield Victorian House Museum
On a quiet street in Auckland Park you’ll find Lindfield House, a monument to mostly Victorian life (with some Edwardian references) presided over by Katherine Love who has spent a lifetime collecting objects from her favourite era. The house itself was built in 1910, after the Victorian era – 1837 to 1901 – and not much of Victorian Joburg remains. But step inside, accompanied by Love who will be dressed as a parlour maid and you will be transported to a different time.

+27 11 726 2932

  44 Stanley
Garden courtyard complex featuring independent boutiques & services as well as chic restaurants.

+27 11 482 4444/011 482 1082

  Kwa- Mai Mai -A guide is highly recommended for tourist going to visit Kwa Mai Mai
The Kwa Mai Mai market is also known as Ezinyangeni, or 'the place of healers' and has for decades been one of the city's most established muthi (traditional medicine) markets. Located just a few blocks from the Maboneng Precinct, the market's reputation as a down-earth-spot to grab traditional South African street food has grown steadily in recent years and positively exploded in 2020. Enjoy a delicious bite the South African way in this busy market. It recommended to visit the place with an experienced guide or someone who is falimiar with the area.

+27 11 833 1973

Cafe space for Brixton, Johannesburg with excellent coffee, breakfast/brunch great lunch, and beautiful interior space and a courtyard to enjoy.

+27 78 175 2556/ +27 76 705 3992

  Johannesburg City Library
The Johannesburg City Library is situated in the central business district of the City of Johannesburg. The Library is located in an Italianate building designed by John Perry which first opened in 1935. It has over 1.5-million books and items in its collection and more than 250 000 members

Cnr. Albertina Sisulu Streets & Fraser Street

  Living Artists Emporium
Living Artists Emporium is a Creative Project Space and Contemporary Art Gallery that provides a platform for artists to create & exhibit cutting edge art.

+27 82 573 3488
Ellis park Tennis Club, Betrams Rd Cnr Miller St, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg,2094

  Montecasino Bird Gardens
Walk-through gardens & aviary featuring colorful birds, mammals, reptiles & other exotic animals.

+27 11 511 1864

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