The Glenvista Country Club is situated in a well-watered valley of Johannesburg South. The golf course is surrounded by the imposing backdrop of a steep-faced gorge that cuts through the heart of Klipriversberg range. The dramatic change in geological contours from cliff faces to flood plains make Glenvista Country Club an exciting, unique place to play a round of golf. It was only in 1973 a year after the passing of Sid Brews that the doors were first opened to Club members. The first meeting of these aspirant members took place on what is now the practice putting green and the first committee was nominated there. They set the entrance fee for full membership at R70 and the annual subscription at R150, payable in instalments. Initially, the Glen Anil Corporation was in control of the Club. Before long however, membership numbers had grown to circa 200 and this growing body of members wanted to have an influence in the management & operations of the Club. An enlarged committee was created where a greater degree of autonomy was accepted by the corporation.


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   27 (0)11 432-3150
   27 (0)11 682-3834
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   -26.2800087, 28.0541177
   Vorster Avenue
   PO Box 264
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