There must be thousands and thousands of pots, jars, urns, tableware, and ornaments in every possible colour and finish you can think of, and at reasonable prices. There are gorgeous Zulu and Venda pots, terracotta bowls, tall colorful jars, earthy-colored glazed urns from Thailand, Chinese porcelain, bone china, fish and bonsai pots . . . selecting which one to take home is difficult. Liebermann has been around for 50 years, eight of those in its present location. It has a factory in Marlboro, so good deals of their items are locally made. The latest ranges to come out of the factory are tall red, green, orange and blue jars - irresistible

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   011 482 2215
   011 482 2679
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   -26.1899600, 28.0155700
   1 Annet Road Cottesloe
Auckland Park
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