Emerging from South Africa at a time when personal identity was the new differentiator, designer Jacques van der Watt has placed a distinct mark on South African fashion. Historically aware, self-referential and conceptually grounded, the energy which drives the label is consistent, but the results are never the same. Innovative thinking combined with meticulous construction and attention to detail has placed Black Coffee at the forefront of South African fashion. Jacques van der Watt's design approach is deeply referential, meticulously engineered and ultimately divergent. It's an ethos that embraces contrast and re-shapes traditions with an intuitive twist. The result is mysteriously familiar yet refreshingly distinct, occupying a space somewhere between history and imagination. His enormous talent, integrity and depth of understanding have placed him as a leader of South African design where he is celebrated as the country's most cerebral designer.

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   28° 3'28.79, 26°12'15.43
   264 Fox Street
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