This week took us to our favourite seafood restaurant. This gem is a place where you guaranteed fresh fish and great service. 

Before you endeavour to go there you need to book, this restaurant is in the heart of Illovo and is busy every night of the week. It’s the Fishmonger, Nick’s Original; Dimitri’s cousin started the franchise over 10 years ago. 

We are usually not a fan of franchise stores but this Fishmonger is the best! We normally start with a Greek salad. (If you are table of 4 or more go for the table salad.) The Feta is really creamy and yummy. The oysters are also highly recommended starter option; go for the French style ones, they bigger and tastier. The owner, Pedro, is always there with a helping hand to assist that your choice of meal. Sasha, Dimitri’s wife, always goes for the Sushi option; she believes it’s the best in town. Ion on the other hand goes for the combo, Grilled Calamari and Line fish option with chips. Dimitri recently had the Sole and Calamari combo; it’s a lighter option if you not that hungry. Another option that Dimitri has tried and recommended by the manager, Abe, is the line fish in the oven with tomatoes and onions, we’ve had this many times is the past. It is a traditional Mediterranean way of preparing the fish, its really good and worth trying out. 

To end of a great meal we had a smooth full bodied espresso. This ended another satisfying meal at our favourite fish restaurant.


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