Your host expects you to arrive in your most goulish costume, will you play the part and include a mask?

Our red hot Vixen Ladies will be manning this year's "Powder Room" to let you enter the hallows woods as guest or ghost?

As the mist rolls across the dam, a creature will arise out of the waters depth to meet you at the woods' entrance where shouts and screams will echo from the dark trees.

Enter the dark woods at your own peril with freaky fog, ghastly spiders and tutu Show girls, stop at the Saloon for girls girls girls or walk the plank with muscled pirates, toss a skull at the Freak Show or Trick and Treat!? Will it be a trick or will it be a treat?

A 3km woodland walkway, where plenty of live thrilling treats and surprises, for one night only with creepy eyeballs and skeletons will be found.

If your not playing in the forest with menacing witches or wizards, watch a film on the big screen, get lost in the Cemetery or enter the Haunted House!

  • 15:00 - VENUE OPEN TO ALL
  • 15:30 - Film 1- Suitable for children
  • 17:00 - 19:30 FOREST OPEN - Children Trick & Treat
  • 19:00 - Film 2 - PG
  • 20:30 - Film 3 - Not suitable for children
  • 21:00 - 23:30 FOREST - Adults only
  • 22:30 - Film 4 - Not suitable for children
  • 23:00 - FOREST CLOSES
  • 23:30 - VENUE CLOSES

NEW in 2019:
  • Extended scenes: Haunted House, Cemetery Maze, Carnival of Freaks
  • Additional actors and runners for the forest
  • Prizes for best dressed
  • Take home photo
We can't tell you all the new surprizes ;)
Everyone, all ages, will be given access to the forest at night to enjoy it at it's best with set times, as per above. Note as this event caters to all ages, you choose to enter at your own risk in as far as some scenes will be more frightening than others.

  • Times and main field programming might change
  • Tickets are limited and will only be sold online
  • We showcase a film while the forest is open
  • You are welcome to bring a Picnic Basket, no glass, liquids or alcohol

Session one is for children for Trick or Treat, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Session two is for adults only, please don't try to sneak your children in like 2018 :0

  • Access to the Venue
  • 3km Themed Forest Walk filled with actors and props
  • Film
  • Parking.

  • Access to the Haunted House
  • Rides and games in the forest

The event will consist of a themed Picnic, with activities, Food Vendors and The #PiP Bar. Just bring yourself and a picnic basket, or purchase from our vendors and sit back, relax and enjoy a day in the Park!

Please visit our FAQ for Do's and Dont's and what you can bring with you:

The “Picnics in the Park” Series is a compilation of themed picnics, held annually, aimed at communities and families. Each event is designed to provide a multi-sensory day by utilising the five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, therefor delivering a more memorable and creative experience for event attendees.
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Riversands Farm

From: 26 October 2019

To: 26 October 2019

R50 - R200

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