Mark Banks has come out of hibernation to bring you his new one man stand up show - Mark Banks On Ice! Some nights the Russian All-Star Mints will make a guest appearance.

This year Mark is turning sixty and would love you to come celebrate his birthday with him in what is his favourite way to celebrate: You staring at him longingly and laughing as he talks nonstop for over an hour without anyone talking back to him.

Mark Banks has no idea how these random, outrageous, sometimes obscene thoughts come to him, they just do. Sometimes they come in the form of a dream and other times in the form of a Rottweiler with his grandmother`s face. Both are equally terrifying but he will continue to pursue these thoughts in oder to bring you the best in particular brand of wildly entertaining comedy.In Mark Banks On Ice, Mark will amaze you with jokes while jete-ing across the stage, he will wow you with his intellect with pirouetting on one toe, he will stun you with moves that don`t even have a name in French.

Will ther be characters? Yes. Will there be plot twists? Definitely. Will there be ice? Hard to say.

Mark Banks on Ice! is presented in the beautifully redecorated Studio Theatre.
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From: 05 June 2019

To: 30 June 2019

R130 - R180

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