A gripping, uplifting and dramatic adaptation of former television and radio personality,TRACY GOING’s new book BRUTAL LEGACY - a story of survival and triumph inspired by her memoirs.

This new South African play will be directed and adapted by award winning theatre maker LESEDI JOB and stars “Scandal” TV star NATASHA SUTHERLAND and CHARLIE BOUGENON.

"Searing, heartbreaking, triumphant” - Sisonke Msimang

When South Africa's golden girl of broadcasting, Tracy Going's battered face was splashed across the media back in the late 1990s, the nation was shocked. South Africans had become accustomed to seeing Going, glamorous and groomed on television or hearing her resonant voice on Radio Metro and Kaya FM. Sensational headlines of a whirlwind love relationship turned horrendously violent threw the "perfect" life of the household star into disarray. What had started off as a fairy-tale romance with a man who appeared to be everything that Going was looking for - charming, handsome and successful - had quickly descended into a violent, abusive relationship.

The rosy love cloud burst just five months after meeting her "Prince Charming" when she staggered into the local police station, bruised and battered. A short relationship became a two-and-a-half-year legal ordeal played out in the public eye.
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Auto & General Theatre on the Square

From: 02 April 2019

To: 27 April 2019

R75 - R150

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