Grade 3 - 5 Extra Mural Programme 

Learn new coding concepts & get the chance to practice thinking like a coder with Think Ahead’s Coding Extra Mural Programme 


  • Individual sessions: R320.00 
  • Term 1 bundle: Includes access to all the extra mural programmes as well as 2 free April Holiday camps: R1600.00. 



6 FEBRUARY 2019 
Session 1: Solving problems with Algorithms 
Computers need clear, understandable instructions that need to be precise ?to get a specific result. Put your investigator hat on and come and apply you knowledge of commands and sequences to solve Algorithms. 

13 FEBRUARY 2019 
Session 2: Debugging
Learn what pseudocode is as you debug a set of Algorithms. Code has to be very accurate. ?

If there’s a bug, the algorithm won’t work. 

20 FEBRUARY 2019 
Session 3: Looking for loops
In coding, we use for loops to give instructions to repeat a set of commands, Come and learn how to make your code more efficient.


27 FEBRUARY 2019
Session 4: Composition & Decomposition 
In coding, we put together smaller pieces of code to create a more complex program through composition. We use decomposition to break down a problem into smaller pieces that we can deal with one by one. Come and learn how to take your coding knowledge to the next level. 



5 & 12 March 2019
Sphero Chariot Race
This is a 2 week session. Students learn about chariots and then design their own 21st century chariot and race it using a Spherical Robot called Sphero.


6 MARCH 2019
Session 1: Exploring Shapes with Robotics 
Come and put into practice what you have learned with GET STARTED WITH CODE 2 with Sphero Robotics and learn how to programme 3-D shapes using JavaScript block based code.

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Vodacom World

From: 06 February 2019

To: 12 March 2019

R320 - R1,600

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