A new art gallery for art dealer Monna Mokoena radically restates a typical Parktown North suburban house. The exterior is conceived as a simple container of objects which you are able to decipher at speed while driving down busy 7th Avenue (in counterpoint to the busy little 'Tuscanettes' which line it on both sides) There is as little as possible to distract or confuse the eye. The building hovers as though able to slide right along too. Obviously a gallery involves conceptual space rather than the confining dictates posed by the domestic environment. What becomes interesting is architectural space as an experience of continual 'between-ness'. Walls do not exist as containers -they are remnants of the old internal walls of a house, but they detach from their moorings and leave gaps between themselves in such a way that insides - 'bounded interiors' - are suggested but not made. This makes a kind of scenography through which one moves and the art works dispose themselves. Perhaps you could say that it is the space which moves around the viewer. There is a kind of becoming from space to space. This thinking references the dynamically graphic and inflammatory philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, which is caught up with movement, flux, potential becomings, mutual deformations, the power of the concept.

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   -26.1453099, 28.0309700
   52 7th Avenue
Parktown North
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