Most shops in Joburg are open between 09h00 and 17h00 on weekdays and until 13h00 on Saturdays. Click below for more information and specifics.

Joburg Tourism’s operating hours are from 08h00 – 17h00 Monday to Friday.

  • Most shops and businesses are open between 09h00 and 17h00 on weekdays and on Saturday until 13h00.
  • Major malls tend to stay open later: up to 21h00 during the week, on weekends and on most public holidays.
  • Government agencies keep to limited weekday-only hours, often closing around 15h00.
  • Most banks close at 15h30 weekdays, but are open on Saturday mornings (from around 09h00 to 11h00).
  • Muslim-owned businesses close between noon and 13h00 on Fridays.
  • Most stores, cinemas and restaurants are open on most public holidays. The exceptions are
  • Christmas Day, 25 December (25 December) and New Year's Day (1 January). The calendar of holidays is:
    • 1 January - New Year's Day
    • 21 March - Human Rights Day
    • 22 April - Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
    • 25 April - Family Day (Monday after Easter Sunday)
    • 27 April - Freedom Day
    • 1 May - Workers Day
    • 2 May - Public Holiday
    • 18 May - Public Holiday (Election day) 16 June - Youth Day
    • 9 August - National Women's Day
    • 24 September - Heritage Day
    • 16 December - Day of Reconciliation
    • 25 December - Christmas Day
    • 26 December - Day of Goodwill

If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following becomes a public holiday. In South African culture a public holiday is an opportunity to celebrate our heritage, our women, our families, our workers and our human rights.