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The average cost of a day in the life of a Jo’burger is relative to the type of vacation you are looking for. With a versatile approach, it’s possible to have a terrific time in Jozi on a shoe string budget or live it up in the lap of luxury if that’s more to your taste.


A mid-range hotel room for a couple sharing can range between R1 300 to R1700 per night including bed and breakfast


A fair daily food budget in Joburg is around R250 to R300 per day


A bottle of water or a soft drink can cost between R 12 and R20 depending on where you purchase these from while the cost of a larger bottle/drink can range between R25 and R35.


While dependant on distance the average cost of transport can range anything between R100 and R150 per single trip, with travel passes at a discounted rate available as an option.


Although guided by the service received, as far as tipping and gratuity etiquette goes, a standard of 10% of the total bill is usually calculated when squaring up.

Bargaining is normally reserved for market place bazaars, flea markets and curio sellers.