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Also referred to as Jozi, Joburg, Egoli or the City of Gold; Johannesburg is a bustling metropolis made up of people with a purpose and their purpose is usually in pursuit of big dreams. Fast paced but friendly the city of Jozi is glamorous, trendy and rich in culture.
With business up front and a party in the back, Jo’burgers, work hard and play equally as hard when the occasion calls for it. With roots firmly entrenched in the transformation of the city, the community of Johannesburg stands together, unified and proud.

Language and Lingo
Boet - A term of endearment/friend (Male)
Braai - A typical weekend pastime resembling that of a barbeque
China - A term of endearment/friend
Eish - A positive or negative exclamation
Howzit - Hello
Ja/Ya - Yes
Lekker - Nice/good
Takkies  - Sneakers