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With a broad reaching a network of private and state own medical facilities and clinics, Johannesburg caters to a number of medical needs. It is always advisable, as when travelling anywhere in the world, to do so with comprehensive medical cover/insurance. Most state owned medical facilities are over capacity, and the majority of privately owned medical suits will require payment up-front or the assurance of medical aid cover.

While the city of Johannesburg makes every effort to keep residents and visitors safe, no city in the world is completely crime free. Protect yourself and your possessions by taking note of the following safety recommendations:

  • Keep your valuables including jewellery, mobile phones etc out of plain view whenever possible
  • Keep high-tech equipment such as cameras on your person at all times
  • Travel in groups wherever possible and especially at night
  • Keep your valuables safely tucked away from potential pickpockets as far as possible and especially in large crowds
  • Stick to main routes when travelling and stay on well-lit paths at night
  • Hitch-hiking is not recommended. Never pick up strangers or accept rides from people you don’t know
  • When driving stow your bags and other valuables out of sight, keep your doors locked and where possible windows closed, be vigilant when stopping at intersections.

In the event of an accident or crime incident, contact the relevant emergency numbers as follows:

National Police Services: 10111
Ambulance: 10177

All Emergencies from a mobile phone: