Africantravelogue combines more than 18years of experience in South African Tourism. We are middle aged and disciplined team with lots of Experience that has been standing confident and solid rock behind our values, beliefs and services. Our randomly selected staff, based on individual strength and talent is highly trained in their work field. As a team we have been working with great commitment and never ending natural smiles on our faces. As a company we managed to grab every challenge and opportunities with both hands and we have not yet let go till we get things right. Seven key words that capture the spirit of Africantravelogue, unique, professionalism, integrity, perseverance, stability, success vibration and knowledge(experience). Why Africantravelogue ? Unique tours. We have been able to customize our tours to the specification of our customer's needs and expectations. We are constantly on the lookout for trends and fresh ideas we can include in our range of tours and services. Prices. We have positioned our prices toe suite all the categories of spending groups. We are flexible in addressing the cost effect and the changing economical factors. Professionalism. First impression last-we are doing it right the first time encounter our customers. We have great word of mouth responses. We have been loyal toe our services and served our customers with high integrity.

Contact Details

   27 11 075 4183
   27 71 704 6961 / 27 83 596 7024
   Email Us
   -26.0895342, 27.9313458
   22 Swart Street
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