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Alexandra, known as Gomorrah Johannesburg’s oldest Township, Alex a township known as a Hidden gem with authentic tourism experiences, its famous for the Late former President Nelson Mandela’s first yard in Gauteng. This is a great place to learn township life and culture. Gomorrah is a popular entertainment spot with a very multi-cultural community. This is a great place to create a sense of belonging for first time arrivals in the city. INCLUSION FREE HOTEL PICK UP AND DROP OFF, ENTRENCE FEES & BOTTLED WATER. TOUR DURATION 5 HOURS. PRICE CAR / WALKING 1 ADULT R 1612.50 S 2-6 ADULTS R 1237.50 PPS 7 + ADULTS R 1175.00 PPS BIKE 1 ADULT R 1887.50 S 2-6 ADULTS R 1512.50 PPS 7 + ADULTS R 1387.50 PPS ELECTRIC BIKE 1 ADULT R 2137.50 S 2-6 ADULTS R 1762.50 PPS 7 + ADULTS R 1637.50 PPS

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