Useful Driving Tips

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South Africans drive on the left-hand side of the road and pass other traffic on the right. The maximum speed limit is 60km/h on urban roads, 100km/h on national roads and 120km/h on highways.

At traffic circles (roundabouts), the rule is that vehicles approaching from your right have right of way.

Traffic lights are known in South Africa as ‘robots’.

Petrol is widely available. Petrol station attendants will fill up your car for you and, if required, clean windows, check oil and water levels and pump tyres. Around R10 is a reasonable tip for this service.

Avoid driving behind mini-bus taxis in the left hand lane as they stop frequently (and often abruptly) to pick up and drop off passengers.

On the main highways surrounding Joburg an e-toll system is in place. There are 42 gantries on the N1, N3, N12 and R21 highways which scan cars as they pass under and electronically register a toll charge for each vehicle. Your rental car will usually have an e-tag installed to record every time that you have passed an e-toll and this bill may be added to your car rental bill. Alternatively your car rental company may charge you an e-toll day-pass rate for each day that you rent your vehicle.