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Top 10 Views in Johannesburg


Ranging from the concrete and neon lit skyline to picture pretty sunsets, Johannesburg boasts some of the most varied but equally breath-taking views to revel in. Whether you are a local looking to go on your next domestic adventure or an international traveller seeking the city’s sensational scenery, see our top ten views spotted throughout the city of Joburg to follow;

1. The James and Ethel Gray Park
Known by the locals to have the best sunrise views of the city, the James and Ethel Gray Park on Melrose Street, Melrose Arch, is as lovely in the late afternoon as it is in the morning.

2. The Living Room
Situated in the Maboneng Precinct, the Living Room doesn’t just share unsurpassed views from the city’s original CBD rooftop, but it’s also referred to as Joburg’s premier Eco Urban venue, bar and café, an ideal setting to enjoy the stunning scenery with a sundowner.

3. The Carlton Centre
Fifty storeys high, boasting panoramic views of the city, day or night the dense cityscape from the Carlton Centre is something of a sight. Having taken some seven years to build, completed in 1974 the complex stands 223m tall with a 360 degree view.

4. The FNB Stadium
Also referred to as Soccer City or the Calabash, views from the FNB Stadium creates for a 360 birds-eye view of the city of Joburg. While taking a walk around the inside of the stadium, open panels allowing light in offer visitors with square peepholes catching glimpses of the city as they circle the spiralling walkways.

5. Sylvia Pass
Recorded as the shortest official pass in South Africa, Sylvia Pass, situated in Linksfield ridge connects downtown Johannesburg with northern suburbs. With a number of left or right (depending on which direction you are travelling in) inroads to take, the pass doesn’t only offer views of Joburg’s northern suburbs, but a number of architectural and botanical splendours.

6. Munroe Drive Houghton
Connecting Houghton Estate with Yeoville, the Munroe Drive Pass shows off beautiful views of lower Houghton, Killarney and Saxonwold. At the top of the Munroe Drive pass there is a viewing point that creates for a romantic setting in the evening while the city lights are on display or a breath-taking spectacle in October following the first few summer rains causing the surrounding Jacaranda trees to bloom.

7. Crafter’s Rooftop Bar
Located on Grant Avenue, Norwood, Crafters Rooftop Bar offers frequenters with a Bedouin tent style lookout point. What better way to celebrate the end of a long day or working week than gaping at gorgeous sunset views with a refreshing beverage in hand.

8. Mill Junction
Offering student residence in Newtown Johannesburg, The Mill Junction towers 14 storeys high sharing stunning views of the Nelson Mandela bridge, the infamous train tracks and surrounds. Day or night, clear skies or with a backdrop of afternoon thunderstorms, the view from the Mill Junction is classic Joburg CBD.

9. Cottesloe Church
With the church in the foreground and the city skyline as its backdrop, visit the suburb of Cottesloe, Annet road for an interesting juxtaposition between the church and inner city sights.

10. Melville Koppies
The Melville Koppies Nature Reserve offers tourists with the best of both by combining nature, biodiversity and geology with CBD views in the distance. Also a National Heritage Site, the nature reserve is riddled with various hiking trails and nature walks.