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Things to do During Loadshedding


Despite the nuisance of a loadshedding lifestyle, Joburg Tourism sheds some light on things to do in the city that require no power. As the city adjusts to abrupt and intrusive loadshedding schedules, as inconvenient as this powerless lifestyle is to adjust to, “when life gives you lemons” we say “add it to the water” for a refreshing taste of the city.


Just as our eyes adjust to darkness, the resilient spirit of Johannesburg presents new opportunities to see the city quite literally in a “new light”. To follow find a few ways to fill the time of your loadshedding schedule with the power of positivity and a few simple lifestyle adjustments.


Plant Pavement Produce

Proven to relieve stress, combat loneliness and boredom while offering gentle aerobic exercise and the health benefits that come from exposure to Vitamin D, gardening is one of the most effective mood-boosting pastimes quite literally at your fingertips. Whether you are a budding green-thumb or simply decompress by weeding, getting outside to garden is a rewarding way to pass the time with something productive. Add to the positive “nature” of this loadshedding pastime by planting pavement produce. From herbs, to edible bulbs, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and peppers, to maize, fruit trees and sunflowers (for the seeds), planting pavement produce that passer-by’s can pick and enjoy is a sure way to foster a sense of community.


Where the benefits are two fold by keeping idle hands busy while giving back to the community, Joburg offers some of the most ideal climate conditions (both winter and summer) to plant seasonal produce. For summer’s spouts prepare your pavement harvest from July to August where the harshest of the winter months are on their way out, and the rainy season starts to show signs of building. You will still need to water seeds during this time, but by the time these have germinated and are established seedlings the Joburg rains should carry the rest of their water requirements until the produce is ready to be picked.


Head out to an Animal Shelter

From vets to rescue centres, training facilities such as the Guide Dogs association and shelters, it’s not just us 2 legged species that take strain during a power failure. With already limited resources to do their jobs, many non-profit organisations in aid of sick, abandoned and animals in need of rehabilitation need extra help and hands during times of loadshedding. Volunteer at one of the many non-profit animal shelters and rescue centres availing yourself when they need help the most, even just to hang out with the furry residents, giving out much needed comfort, cuddles, care, walks and attention.  

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Offer a Helping Hand at Frail Care and Old Age Home

Just as we encounter the boredom and loneliness when the television or the radio goes off, sadly, the more often than not forgotten generation of Johannesburg’s senior citizens feel it just the same. Often the only means to company, when the power goes out not only are the elderly left idle, but high care patients may also be without medical resources during a power outage.


A constructive way to spend otherwise empty Loadshedding hours is to volunteer at the various old age homes and retirement villages throughout the city of Joburg. From a game of cards, to an ear to listen or a steady arm to hold during a walk around the gardens, spending time with the city’s elderly serves dual advantages where retired citizen have a lifetime of lessons and wisdom to impart. While you need not look far to find your local retirement village or home, contact the Senior Service Directory of Retirement Villages, old age homes, nursing homes, frail care centres, retirement homes and care homes.