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Living with Loadshedding in Johannesburg


As the country comes to terms with what might be a lasting loadshedding lifestyle, Joburg Tourism helps the city live with load shedding with a few survival tips and tricks to make things a little more comfortable for local residents.


So far, City Power has done a sterling job at sticking to the planned loadshedding schedule, helping Joburg households plan around the proposed power outage timetable. While on the most part schedules have been adhered to, given the pressure that power stations and substations are already under, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. From tripped substations, to cable theft, burnt out transformers and other unforeseeable adverse events, Joburg residents find themselves at the apex of inconvenience, frustration and desperation.


However in staying true to its character, the City of Johannesburg and her spirited residents sees local communities come together like never before sharing resources, supplies and generosity.


Be prepared

While proposed schedules are largely being followed, keeping on top of planned power failures is your number one defence against the inconvenience of loadshedding, continuously revised to keep Johannesburg as up to date as possible, the Joburg City Power publish regular and timely load shedding schedules detailing planned power outages as soon as they are able to do so. Reviewed schedules are available for download on the Joburg City Power website, any new announcements that are made are published here as well. Their social media team on Twitter (@CityPowerJHB) also do a terrific job at keeping social communities in the know while also addressing an unplanned power outage and faults that might have occurred.


City Power’s website also offers some loadshedding education to assist in understanding the cause for loadshedding, how to reduce the impact of loadshedding and need to know loadshedding facts and information.

Outside of City Power there are a number of mobile apps that echo the same schedule as published by Joburg City Power while offering the added convenience of receiving push notifications when schedules have been updated and planned power cuts are approaching. Have a look on both the App Store as well as Google Play for a number of star rated mobile apps to assist in keeping Joburg residents and visitors to the City informed on the current City Power Loadshedding schedule.


Who to contact

As detailed above, keep in the know with loadshedding schedules, information and update via the City Power website as well as following social media resources or downloading handy loadshedding schedule apps available on various mobile devices. While these resources offer a means to self-service material to keeping informed and up to date, who should you contact if you need more information or technical support? When encountering an unplanned power failure that occurs outside of the current loadshedding schedule start by logging a fault with City Power to alert them to any technical problems in your area, by doing so you will also receive a fault ticket / reference number which will continue to be updated throughout the investigation and if necessary, restoration process.


To Log a technical fault or an unplanned power outage login to or call the COJ Call Centre on 0860 JOBURG / 0860 562 874


Energy Usage and Impact

For loadshedding information, education, resources and understanding the what, why and when, from the problem to solutions, interventions, load limiting and a helpful energy usage calculator, visit for everything you need to arm yourself, educate your community and reduce your usages wherever and as often as possible.