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International Mandela Day in Joburg - Part 1


Officially declared Mandela Day on 18 July 2009 by the United Nations, Mandela Day calls upon global citizens to give back of their time, effort and resources in making a positive impact on the world, by celebrating Mandela’s life and legacy through kindness and generosity, Mandela Day aims to spark action that ignites sustainable solutions that bring enduring change on a global scale.


As Nelson Mandela International Day continues to grow in both influence and impact, this year the Nelson Mandela Foundation based in Houghton Johannesburg have launched the Mandela Day: The Next Chapter. Having announced a new strategy aimed at changing the manner in which initiatives will impact people’s lives, the next 10 years will see Mandela Day charter a new path for the annual campaign.


Underpinned by past year’s areas of focus that aligned various initiatives to take #ActionAgainstPoverty, the next 10 years will see the establishment of a global network of change-makers to ensure deeper and more sustainable impact in response to the global challenges of poverty. Through encouraging collaborative partnerships to support various initiatives this new strategy will see a sharpened focus on early childhood development as a key investment area to make a significant dent in the scourge of poverty.  


In encouraging collaborative partnerships to support initiatives in the areas of education and literacy, food and nutrition, sanitation, shelter as well as active citizenship, the Nelson Mandela Foundation steers its focus on early childhood development as a key area of investment in taking #ActionAgainstPoverty 


The Mandela Day: the Next Chapter 10 year objectives address various areas of need where corporates, organisations and the public at large can get involved. 


These areas of identified  need include:

  • Education and Literacy
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Shelter
  • Sanitation
  • Active Citizenship


With a number of initiatives open for public participation, to follow see a few taking place in Johannesburg that you might like to get involved in.


FoodForwardSA Food Packing Event 

Connecting a world of waste to a world of need by reusing edible surplus food from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, FoodForward SA enables feeding schemes that account for 201 0000 people per day,  delivering 16 870 0000 meals per year. With a focus on the importance of Early Childhood development, Youth Development, Women’s Empowerment groups and Care Centres, FoodForwardSA enable various beneficiaries to feed thousands of people across the country, addressing the growing hunger crisis in South Africa.

Held across six locations throughout the country, fight for food security together with FoodForward SA this Mandela Day, join the FoodForward SA Mandela Day Food Drive Packing Event in Johannesburg in partnership with Pick n Pay. Taking place on 18 July from 09h00 to 10h07 book your place and #ActionAgainstPoverty this Mandela Day.


A Mandela Day for the Dogs 

A leading rehabilitation and re-homing animal shelter in Chartwell Johannesburg, this Mandela Day join Ark Animal Centre and Puppy Shelter and spend your 67 minutes with resident pups and pooches. Spend the day loving and walking, grooming, playing and paying your kindest attention to the dogs at the centre or getting involved in some of the more strenuous tasks in need of care. Make a donation or contribute to their wish list by bringing along dog and puppy food pellets and tins or other accessories that include kennels, toys treats and more items in need. 


A City Sunset Dance for Madiba

Join the Children's Memorial Institute and take part in a global celebration and Dance for Madiba. Hosted by Secret Sunrise Johannesburg, the Secret Sunrise global dance - Dance for Madiba will see proceeds collected during the event donated to Children's Memorial Institute at the Uthando Centre. Join the movement and revel in gorgeous views of the JHB skyline at 5pm and watch the sun go with our beautiful city as its backdrop while the group dances in loving memory of a hero. 

With an abundance of events taking place throughout the City of Johannesburg keep a look out for part two of our Mandela Day Insert to find more Joburg based Mandela Day events.