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Healthy Living in Jozi


As many of us enter the New Year with aspirations to improve on the Year gone by, Joburg Tourism is here to help you reach your health goals set for 2019. While some prefer not to label these optimistic goals as New Year’s Resolutions for fear of not following through, based on a set of stats recorded by a YouGov poll from 2018, the top 3 New Year’s resolutions to come out of the US include:

  • Eat Healthier (37%)
  • Exercise more (37%)
  • Save money (37%)

As the list progresses other aspirations recorded for 2018 included:

  • Improved self-care e.g. getting more sleep and taking better care of one’s body (24%)
  • Read More (18%)
  • Make New Friends (15%)
  • Find a New Job (14%)
  • Start a New Hobby (13%)

The remaining 32% missing from the above list of those ballsy enough to admit to setting themselves (New Year’s) resolutions, simply did not plan on making any New Year’s Resolutions for the year ahead.

Whether you choose to label them as News Year’s resolutions or unofficial goals you set out for yourself, one thing is for sure, it wouldn’t harm to aim on improving what we have accomplished in years past especially when it concerns self-care, health and wellbeing. To follow, find some of our favourite ways to get fit, eat well, stay healthy and take better care of your mind, body and soul when visiting Joburg.

Fresh Food and Organic Markets

From Sylvia's Outdoor Market (open Sundays from 10am to 5pm) to the Bryanston Organic Market (Open Saturday and Thursday 9am to 3pm) or the Jozi Real Food Market (Open Saturdays 8:30am to 1:30pm) find fresh food fit for the whole family at a growing variety of organic and fresh food markets across Joburg.

Outdoor Activities

From public City Parks to Municipal Nature reserves the City of Joburg is renowned for being the Largest Man-Made Forest in the World with more than 10 million trees spanning across 1 645 km² corner to corner. Surrounded by so much natural beauty and outdoor urban adventure there is no excuse not to lace up your walking shoes and strut your way toward healthy habits by walking the various suburban and urban streets in Joburg. Known for helping to maintain a healthy weight, improving mental wellbeing, building balance and co-ordination not to mention burning  just over 100 calories every 2km's, walking is the gateway drug to breaking many barriers to discovering a new found love for fitness and a more healthy lifestyle. Places we love to tread in Joburg include the Wilds in Houghton (16Ha), the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve (160Ha), the Joburg Zoo (55Ha) as well as the Craighall Waterfall from Delta Park (104HA) to the Sandton Field and Study Centre, Delta park and the Norscot Koppie in Douglasdale.

Outside of outdoor activities, a hub of health and fitness outlets and franchises, the City of Joburg is host to a vast selection of subscriptions both mainstream commercial as well as health clubs that are privately owned and operated. You need not look far from your current location to find nearby fitness clubs to join. From kickboxing to adult dance classes, martial arts, various yoga groups in every assortment, soccer, hockey and cricket clubs, walk / run groups and a growing number of social health and wellbeing events taking place all throughout the city.

Joburg Tourism welcomes a healthier you, with a heart as strong as Joburg!