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Maboneng Newsletter , What's up in Maboneng this October


Earlier this month, residents and visitors were shocked to find that several trees on the North side of Fox Street had been chopped back to stumps in order to make way for a giant bill board above. Artist James Delaney started the social media uproar by posting the story and pics on his social media pages tagging the alcohol company responsible- and calling for some action. Amstel South Africa have since removed the bill board and committed to greening Johannesburg through a partnership with Food and Trees for Africa. Through this partnership, 50 trees will be plan ted in Johannesburg over the next two weeks. 

We in Maboneng stand by the public outrage. Even if the advertiser is not directly responsible for this decision, in a time of climate crisis, we need to continue to be vigilant. While we welcome growth in our neighbourhood, we have always prided ourselves as a socially conscious space where small businesses can thrive. While the foot traffic generated by the attractions of the neighbourhood certainly make us a place that is attractive to advertisers, we need to protect our environment while finding ways to work with commercial enterprises to keep the neighbourhood sustainable. We are open to all suggestions and collaborations!

We also woke up this week to a much better surprise on Fox Street with some 100 indigenous trees having been delivered over night to green up the neighbourhood. The Trees have been donated by Corona SA and will be planted around the neighbourhood with the help of the Maboneng Civic Association and Joburg City Palks. 
Thank you to all the urban warriors who added their voices to this call to action. Special thanks to James Delaney, Jo Buitendach (Past Experiences) and all those who stand to #ProtectParadise