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Event Greening Forum


Often at the EGF, we are asked how one achieves a green event and what the steps towards going green are. Planning for a green event, and implementing any number of more sustainable practices, is a good start. But often it takes a helping hand to guide you through the process – someone who can assist, support and monitor your overall strategy. Sustainability consultants fulfill this role.

While there has been a reluctance to using consultants in the past, we are glad to see a growing recognition of the value that they add to effective and sustainable event management. They can guide you through what often looks like an impossible process, giving advice, sourcing products and services, and helping you and your team become more aware of the impact that you have – and, importantly, assist in reducing that impact.

The EGF is blessed to have a number of sustainability consultants among its members, who include the country's leading experts in this field. Their knowledge has been earned with many years of experience. We encourage you to make contact with them to help you with your first, and hopefully ongoing, efforts to hold more sustainable and ‘earth-friendly’ events.

Our upcoming annual Conference is a good opportunity to network with many of our specialists, so book your seat today and help grow your own business in a sustainable manner.