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•We contextualise contemporary struggles against the long arc of colonial and apartheid oppression.   
•We aim to change lives and communities for the better by delivering transformational experiences.
•We are passionate and we want to provoke reflection that leads to change.
•We build special relationships with communities in our neighbourhood, with organisations that share our vision and can amplify our message, and with our stakeholders and shareholders without whom our development vision cannot be realised.  
•We do all of the above because we don’t believe democracy should be taken for granted, because we believe that the battle for human rights and justice for all is an ongoing challenge for many people in our society, and that nation building is an ongoing project.

ConHill has begun to have an impact on South Africans by creating a space for education, dialogue and discussion about human rights issues.

Each year Constitution Hill hosts the Human Rights Festival and Basha Uhuru Creative Summit which attracts thousands of participants.

 The site has gained Global recognition in the Human Rights and Transitional justice space – as a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. Constitution hill is proud to be in partnership with Smithsonian Museum of African American History and is set to become another of South Africa’s cherished World Heritage Sites in the near future.


To ensure that our local market always has access to this Iconic National Heritage site, each year on Heritage Day Constitution Hill opens to the public for tours at no charge. The ‘Free Entry’ strategy is geared towards ensuring inclusivity and access for all South Africans. Constitution Hill encourages the public to join the team on this significant commemorative holiday to celebrate South Africa’s Liberation Heritage and those who fought to champion our freedom.

There is more that just the tours to experience at Constitution Hill this Heritage Day.

Children are invited to join Play Africa for a unique edutainment experience. Play Africa’s mission is to help create engaged citizens and healthy communities by inviting all visitors to discover new worlds, to wonder, to ask questions, and to imagine a better future through interactive, hands-on exhibits, programming and play. We guarantee that families will enjoy the interactive immersive play experiences on offer!

Check out the various types of immersive experiences on offer here Children deserve the right to play

Visit Play Africa’s website for more information

Join us at The Hill Coffee Shop for a bite to eat and venture onto the ramparts for a 360 degree view of Johannesburg. Don’t forget we are a stop on the City Sight Seeing Red Bus Route, why not park your vehicle at our underground parking facility and explore the rest of Johannesburg’s sites on the Hop on Hop Off route?